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Our lodge was built in the traditional indigenous style of the jungle. We offer 6 big huts with thatched roofs, 15 spacious rooms that can be used for double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, or familiar accommodation with single and matrimonial beds, all equipped with mosquito nets to keep you safe from biting insects during the night. All rooms have a private bathroom with a shower, hot water, and flushing toilets. The huts have balcony areas to relax and observe nature. In the early morning we wake up with the singing of the birds and we go to the bed with the nocturnal sounds of the rainforest.
Water treatment, environmental solid and liquid waste disposal, and biodegradable treatments including the approved fire safety devices and procedures are very important for this eco-lodge. Electricity is provided for lighting and to recharge 110 AC batteries from 18h00 to 22h00. 
We provide daily nutritious meals (gourmet menus) during the trip (we cater for vegetarians if you wish). Purified drinking water is always available in the lodge as well as coffee, hot chocolate or tea. During the activities, snacks are provided too.


  • Participate in early-morning activities to observe many bird species

  • Spot the Amazon’s Pink and grey dolphins Inia (Geoffrensis & Sotalia Fluviatilis)

  • Hike into the rainforest and learn about the medicinal and practical uses of plants

  • Learn about the different eco-systems and their role in the balance of the rainforest

  • Go on night walks to observe insects, spiders, snakes, and amphibians and listen to nocturnal animals

  • Visit a Siona Family

  • Explore Laguna Grande and the flooded forest (macrolobium)

  • Navigate in search of Caimans (Alligators)

  • Paddle silently in a dugout canoe to enjoy the sounds of the jungle

  • Relax in our comfortable and natural setting.

  • Captivating lectures given by our Bilingual Naturalist Guides

  • Enjoy an amazing experience deep in the Amazon rainforest.





    “Dracaena Lodge is definitely the place to go. We had the most incredible 5 days” 


    “Our guides were absolutely great. They were extremely knowledgeable of the jungle flora and fauna and were great “teachers”. They made the experience very interesting and educational. We learned so much about the indigenous tribal cultures, the birds, snakes, monkeys, animals, insects, fresh water dolphins, fish, etc.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 jhabs

    “The rooms are amazing. Really cute huts with hammocks and super comfortable beds with mosquito nets. The activities are awesome as well including night jungle walk, boat tours hunting for crocodiles, and piraña fishing. I never wanted to leave. Everything about this place is so amazing, you have to go!”                                                                                 



    Cuyabeno Jungle Trip

    5 days / 4 nights

    Cuyabeno Jungle Tour

    4 days / 3 nights

    Zancudococha Tour

    6 days / 5 nights

    Cuyabeno Canoe Tour

    5 days / 4 nights

    Cuyabeno Canoe Tour

    4 days/3 nights

    Largatococha Tour

    7 days / 6 nights

    Cuyabeno Birding Tour

    5 days / 4 nights

    Cuyabeno Birding Tour

    4 days/3 nights

    Special Interest Tours

    photography, cultural, academic, etc.